Solar Lighting, Made in Germany

 RONOTIC is an innovative manufacturer and leader in solar lighting industry based in Bretten (Germany). Self-sufficient lighting of the future! We are working on cutting-edge lighting solutions for municipalities, corporations, and private land and house owners. Our vision is CO2 neutral lighting of all streets, roads, car parks, corporate buildings and private property. Much of the energy produced today goes every night in the lighting of our cities. The production of grid-connected electricity for 10 lights caused an annual CO2 emission of about 2 tonnes. That's 60 tonnes of CO2 in 30 years.

Our latest development is the Solar-Hybrid LED streetlight (RSH) and provides reliability for all seasons.

The operation of our Solar-/LED-Lights electricity is produced from solar energy, resulting in no CO2 emissions. In addition to the ecological aspects of our solar lights also provide a significant financial benefit for each operator.

No more electricity costs. In addition to the ever increasing energy costs and expensive cabling and maintenance. Our solar / LED lamps / solar hybrid LED lights are low-maintenance and require depending on the model after 6 - 9 years only to change the battery, after 50,000 - 100,000 hours operating time (13 - 26 years) had a change of the Bridgelux® LED light source and over 30 years lifetime of the solar module.

Of course we take care of the battery and LED light source replacement for you and guarantee fair conditions, so you can enjoy the lights for a very long time and the acquisition and operation count for you in each case.The enormous environmental and financial benefits are more advantages to such as:

- Power independence (interference effect in your power not lighting);

- LED light attracts up to 80% fewer insects than conventional bulbs;

- Pure color rendering of LED illuminated objects (particularly for car dealers an advantage);

- Lighting in difficult places where no AC is available;

and vibration resistant, no hazardous waste, no mercury components, operating with AC and DC voltage possible. Our products meet the highest quality standards and are manufactured under constant control.

We supply fast and cheap light to any place.

Contact us today and let you forward to an attractive offer.

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Solar Street Light from RONOTIC

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