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Solar lantern with LED bulb is ideal for lighting yard, garden and terrace.
Nostalgic design combined with solar technology and the latest LED lighting technology.This solar lantern will take you quickly, lots of light anywhere.
In addition to the economic and environmental advantages, the Customised lighting with LED lighting
Solar Panel Monocrystalline solar panel 3 x 2 Watt
Battery 4V 3500 mAH
LED Light 9 x 0,5 Watt
Charging Time 8 hours
Working Time Full Charged >14 hours Light Sonsor
Working Temperature -25 °C to +65 °C
Installation Lanterns Height: 2.5 meters
Product Size & Weight 2.5 meters in height 12 kg cast aluminum
Warranty 2 Years
Certification CE / ROHS

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