Product Update 2013 - RML12.18
The RONOTIC-MOBILE LIGHT RML12.18 our mobile solar-powered LED lighting for streets, roads, buildings, yard and parking.
Our new solar and LED lighting system reaches maximum mobility, flexibility and quality. 18 watt solar panel and LED lights extremely bright 12 Watts of Bridgelux® (EPISTAR®) perfecting this masterpiece of lighting!
The possibilities are almost limitless. Save with the new RONOTIC-MOBILE LIGHT (RML) Lighting Series you a lot of electricity costs, costly trenching and cabling as well as maintenance work and will enjoy the high quality LED lighting.
In addition to the ecological and economic benefits that brings light with LED bulbs are other advantages such as:
First Pure color rendering of LED illuminated objects (a particular advantage, especially for car dealers)
Second LED light attracts up to 80% less insect
Third LEDs are shock resistant and otherwise very robust
4th maintenance-free
* A Change of battery after 5 to 7 years including a new battery costs, including collection, exchange and delivery work only 149, - EUR. Total price including VAT and disposal of old batteries.
A change of Bridgelux® ** EPISTAR®LED bulb for 50,000 - 100,000 hours (after approximately 13-15 years) including new LEDs, collection, exchange and delivery of work costs only 129, - EUR. Total price including VAT and disposal of used LEDs.
RONOTIC - City Solar Lighting
Solar Panel Monocrystalline solar panel 18W 18V - SunPower® min. 25 years lifetime
Battery Ferric Phosphate Lithium Battery 10AH12.8V - 5 to 7 years lifetime*
LED Light 12 W - Bridgelux® 50.000 to 100.000 hours (ca. 13 - 26 years)**
Luminous Flux > 1.250 lm (light power)
Charging Time only 6 hours
Working Time Full Charged >20 hours Light Sensor
Visible Angle 120°
Sensor Infrared sensor controlled
Working Temperature -30°C to +70°C
Installation Height: 3,50 to 5 Meter / Pole Distance: 10 to 16 Meter
Case Material Aluminum
Product Size & Weight 515 x 320x 52 mm 6,5kg
Power Protection / DIN IP65 - High Protection Level Dust and water from any direction jet proof
Warranty 2 Jahre
Certification CE / ROHS / IP65

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